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Help Topics

  1. Checking-In: Accessing the FSC Online Store.
  2. Checking –In: Logging on to OnBase.
  3. Shopping Around: The Home Page.
  4. Shopping Around: Basic Search Procedures.
  5. Shopping Around: The Product Page.
  6. Shopping Around: Shopping Cart
  7. Checking-Out: My Account
  8. Checking-Out: Your Address Book
  9. Checking-Out: Shipping Options
  10. Checking-Out: Payment Info
  11. Checking-Out: Review and Place Your Order
  12. Checking-Out: Confirmation / Order Receipt
  13. Checked-Out: Printed Receipt


  • The Checking-In sections provides login instructions and then introduces the FSC Online Store.  You learn the basics of the FSC environment, and you get off on the right footing by learning the essential steps to follow whenever you want to login.
  • The Shopping Around sections provide the direction you’ll need to search and find as quickly as possible the products you want.  You’ll see what store pages look like and learn how to navigate from search to finding and then to buying.
  • The Checking-Out sections offers important information on making your purchase.  In this section you’ll learn how to edit your account and address book.  You can choose from several shipping options, pay for your order and receive electronic and printed receipts.

Checking-In: Accessing the FSC Online Store (Back to top)

The store use Single-Sign On and can be accessed from the Subway Partners website. 

Checking –In: Logging on to OnBase (Back to top)

  1. Enter your assigned username and password
  2. Click the “Login” button or press “Enter” on your keyboard.

Shopping Around: The Home Page (Back to top)

Let’s move on to why you’re here: shopping for Subway related products.  If you have a specific category you want to visit, such as apparel, chemicals, or Stationary, click any of the links on the bottom left side of the page.  To find a specific brand or item, use the site’s search engine just above Product Categories, near the middle left of the home page.  If you prefer to window shop, “Check out the FSC Top Selling Products” at the bottom of the home page.  Here you’ll find  highlights of special products available on our site.

Shopping Around Home Page
Now we’ll show you how to search for products and make a purchase.

Shopping Around: Basic Search Procedures (Back to top)

Let’s say you’re interested in searching for a hat with the Subway logo.  Here’s two ways to search: 

  1. Enter your search term, in this case “hat” into the “Search FSC Store” search field and click “Go.”

Click on “Hat with Sandwiched Logo Bill” in the “Name” dialog box.

  1. Another way to search for a hat is to click on “Apparel” on the “Product Categories” list.

FSC then displays all of the apparel it offers on a “Products in Category” page, listing each item’s photo, name and price.  Scroll down to “Hat with Sandwiched Log Bill,” and click the item’s text link.

Products In Catagory

Shopping Around: The Product Page (Back to top)

On the hat’s product page, you’ll see a photo of the hat itself, a brief description, price and an opportunity to view a larger (photo) image.  Some other features include:

  1. Home/My Account/Checkout tabs: are navigation tabs.
  1. Click the “Home” tab to return to the store’s default page.
  2. Click the “My Account” tab to view your Purchase History, manage your address book and add new billing and shipping addresses. 
  3. Click the “Checkout” tab to update your cart, delete the quantity you previously accepted, continue shopping or to checkout now.
  1. Breadcrumb Trail links: you can keep track of your location in the store
  2. E-mail this product to a friend link: click here to e-mail product information to one or more recipients.  You can also add a personal message.  Enter your e-mail address and click the send button when you’re finished.
  3. Help/Contact Us tabs: Click the “Help” tab to view online help features.  Click the “Contact Us” tab to send questions or feedback to the FSC team.

Shopping Around

  1. Arrow buttons: Click the   arrow and go back to the previous item on the “Products in Category” list.  Click the  arrow to advance to the next item on the “Products in Category” List.  Click the  arrow and return to the “Products in Category” list.
  2. Quantity text field: One is the default value.  Click the quantity field and enter a value.\
  3. Store Number drop-down: Click the drop-down arrow and select a store
  4. Add to cart button: Click here to add your item to the shopping cart
  5.  Click here to rate this product link: You can select a rating and add a comment.  If no one has previously left comments for the item, be the first one to share your opinion.
  6. Privacy Statement/Terms of Use links: Click here to view FSC’s privacy statement and terms of use.

Once you’re certain you want to purchase the hat:

Step 1. Select the Quantity you want
Step 2. Click the Store Number drop-down arrow and select a store , then
Step 3. Click the “Add to cart” button

Shopping Around: Shopping Cart (Back to top)

On the Shopping Cart page, you’ll see the hat’s name, “Hat with Sandwiched Logo Bill,” SKU and the Store Number you selected.  Some of the other buttons and text boxes on the page are:

  1. Continue Shopping button: click here if you want to do some more shopping.
  2. Checkout Now button: click here when you are ready to pay for your item or items.
  3. Delete button: click here if you want to remove an item from your shopping cart. 
  4. Update Cart button: click here after you’ve changed your order quantity. 

Shopping Cart Page

  1. Apply Coupon text field and button: if you have a special offer or if you have a coupon, enter the coupon code.
  2. Apply Notes text field and button: enter any notes or instructions for your order
  3. Store Policy…click here to view FSC’s store policy.

To begin checking out: (Back to top)

Step 1. Quantity: if you need more than one hat, enter the number you want in the Quantity text box and click the Update Cart button.

Keep in mind that just because an item is in your shopping cart doesn’t mean you have already purchased it.  You must click Checkout Now before FSC begins processing your order.

Step 2. On the other hand, if you change your mind about an item in your shopping cart and decide you want to remove it entirely, click the Delete button. 

Shopping Cart - Step 2

Step 3. Enter any discount coupon code text field, if any, and click the Apply Coupon button.
Step 4. Enter any special instructions in the Order Notes text field, if any, and click the Apply Notes” button.
Step 5. Click the Checkout Now button

Checking-Out: My Account (Back to top)

Important: The features on this page are optional.

Clicking the Checkout Now button brings you to the My Account page.  On this page, you can change or add billing and shipping addresses, add another billing and shipping address and update your account.  Some of the other buttons and text boxes on the page are.

  1. Continue Shopping button: click here if you don’t want to update your account information, or if you’re not ready to check out.
  2. Phone Number text field: edit your phone number.
  3. Ok to E-mail radial buttons: if it’s okay to e-mail you information and special offers, select the “Yes” radial button.  Select “No” if you don’t wish additional product information.
  4. Save My Credit Card Info checkbox: Click here to save your credit card information for your next visit.

Checking Out Step - My Account

  1. Billing/Shipping address change links: click the  “Change” tab next to “My Primary Billing Address” or “My Primary Shipping Address”  to edit your primary billing or shipping addresses.  See below for more information.

  2. Add Another Billing or Shipping address links: click the “Add Another Billing Address” or “Add Another Shipping Address” to add a billing or shipping address. See below for more information.
  3. Continue Checkout button: click here to select your shipping options.
  4. Update Account  button: click here to update any changes you  made to your phone or e-mail options.

To continue checking out:

Step 1. (Optional) Edit your phone number.
Step 2. (Optional) Choose an e-mail option.
Step 3. (Optional) Place a check in the “Save My Credit Card Info” checkbox if you wish FSC to save your credit card information.
Step 4. (Optional) Change your primary billing/shipping address.
Step 5. (Optional) Add another billing/shipping address.
Step 6. (Optional) Click the Updater Account button if you’ve made any changes to your address book.
Step 7. Click the Continue Checkout button.

 Checking-Out: Your Address Book (Back to top)

This page allows you to change your primary billing and/or shipping addresses.  Additionally, you can delete an old address and add a new one.  Some important features to notice are:

  1. Navigation ribbon: the highlighted portion of the ribbon indicates the status of your order.
  2. Back to Account button: click here to return to your address book.
  3. Delete link: click delete to remove an address.

CheckOut Address Book

  1. Edit link: click the edit button to modify an address.
  2. Add A New Address link: click the “Add Another Shipping Address” link to create another address for your address book.

What do you want to do? Change your primary billing address or change your primary shipping address?  To modify or delete a billing or shipping address in your address book:

Step 1. The first Your Address Book screen asks you to choose an address to change.  Click the change option you want.

Address Book Step

Step 2. The next Your Address Book screen asks you to choose between deleting an address and editing one.  Clicking the Delete link gets you just that: it removes the address and you move on to the next address in Your Address Book. To modify an address click the Edit link. 

Step 3. The next Your Address Book screen asks you to highlight the information you want to change and enter new information.  Click the Save Edited Address button when finished.

Address Book Step

Step 4. Your edited changes will be reflected on the final screen. After examining your edits for completeness, click the Back to Account button to move back to Your Address Book.

Step 5. Adding a new shipping/billing address is a lot like changing your primary billing or shipping address.  The first Your Address Book screen asks you to choose an address to change.  Click the change option you want.

Step 6. The next Your Address Book screen asks you to fill-in information.  Click the Add New Address button when finished.

Step 7.  The final Your Address Book screen reflects the new address you created.  After examining your edits for completeness, click the Back to Account button to move back to Your Address Book.

Address Book Step

Step 8. Now, with your address changed or added, click the Continue Checkout button to move on to Shipping Options and Order Summary.

Address Book Step

Checking-Out: Shipping Options (Back to top)

Now that you’ve determined where to send your purchase, you have to decide how soon it’s going to get there.  On this page, choose a shipping method, and click its corresponding radial button. After making your choice, click the Continue Checkout button to fill out your payment info.

Shipping Options

Checking-Out: Payment Info (Back to top)

Next, let FSC know how you would like to pay for your order. All orders must be prepaid. On the checkout screen, you select a payment method and edit your credit card details. For now there are only two payment methods: Credit Card and Pre-Authorized Account. A Pre-Authorized Account is exclusive to franchisees, DA’s and field consultants and are available only in the USA and Canada. If you’re paying with a credit card, enter the number without spaces or dashes.

To begin:

Step 1. Determine a payment option, credit card or pre-authorized account.
Step 2. Check that the name on the card is accurate, enter

  1. the credit card number
  2. the credit card verification code

Using the drop-down arrows, enter

  1. the card type
  2. the month and year

Step 3. Click the Continue Checkout button

Checking-Out: Review and Place Your Order (Back to top)

Check the accuracy of all the information you provided and make any necessary adjustments. When you’re ready, click the "Place Order" button at the bottom of the page to submit your order. Once you place your order, FSC will send you a confirmation e-mail message.  

Checking-Out: Confirmation / Order Receipt (Back to top)

Shortly after you place your order, an order confirmation will be sent to let you know that FSC has received your order.

  • Please check your email in case there are problems (w/ payment, quantities, compatibility questions, etc...)
  • Also check the order status link on this email. If your order is on hold, then there is something holding it up.
  • If you did not receive an Order Confirmation (with your order #), then FSC may not have received your order. Click the Help link or Store Policy link for contact information.

Confirmation Order Receipt

Checked-Out: Printed Receipt (Back to top)

Hold on to your printed receipt.  It contains information about the item(s) you purchased, what credit card you used and your billing and shipping address.